University Library, Archive and Preservation

The history of the library and archives of the Wittenberg Alma Mater reflects the eventful history of the university: from its rise, through far-reaching political changes and war damage, to the unification of the university with Halle 1817 and the post-history of Wittenberg University. As a result, LEUCOREA’s holdings, collections and archival material are today highly fragmented and can be found in different places. For example, the dean’s books of the Faculties of Philosophy, Law and Medicine are kept in the University Archive Halle, whereas the dean’s book of the Faculty of Theology is kept in the University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt.

This already indicates that two things have to be taken into account with regard to the archival tradition: On the one hand, archival records are not only to be found in various archives, but also in the holdings of various libraries, such as extensive collections of manuscripts. On the other hand, in addition to archives that are listed as documents of Wittenberg University provenance, there are numerous other records connected to LEUCOREA, such as personal collections of Wittenberg alumni and professors.

The menu item offers a historical classification of the library and archive history, which is combined with a description of the current status of the sources of LEUCOREA history. This offers useful information including online links to the status of LEUCOREA books and archives as well as other traditions related to Wittenberg University to interested people who want to learn more about the history of Wittenberg University.

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